“Semiology: Laying bare the prejudices beneath the smooth surface of the beautiful” by Gillian Rose (2012)

Below shows extracts of Rose’s “Semiology: Laying bare the prejudices beneath the smooth surface of the beautiful” (2012) book, looking at the relationship between Panopticism as founded by Foucault, and the ideology that brands depict scenarios and images through photography which are often seen and recognised as ‘real’ opposed to a set up scenario. This shows one how one can be influenced by imagery seen in magazines, social media and advertisements for example, and how this could possibly affect ones self-perception and the perception of others alike, in turn causing a tutored sense of self, relating back to Shields and Heineken’s ‘Self-Surveying/Internalised Gaze’ theory as discussed heavily in my research during Semester 1.

Furthermore, it is discussed that brand ambassadors, and the likes of modern day bloggers and vloggers whom have become cultural icons in themselves become the face of the brand therefore imposing an ideal and an image which can be unattainable and unmaintainable, however is aspired to as a result of advertising exposure. In addition, it is also noted that cultural and social differences should be acknowledged and understood when analysing advertising campaigns and photography, therefore implying how imagery can be perceived differently to a knowing eye; as seen in my Japan VS British/US research into the beauty and fashion industries, i.e. Shiseido and Vogue.