Refined Objectives for Semester 2

Following my research trip to Japan, I feel that my objectives have changed slightly, specifically relating to Objective 5:

  1. To derive a National or International Policy for use within the Fashion and Beauty Industries, based on collated research, interviews and experiences throughout this project.

In regard to this, I feel that from speaking with various models, bloggers and editors at Vogue Japan, that this objective will be extremely hard to produce after finding out that each country and subsequent culture, has a defined ‘ideal’ or body type, which would mean that standardisation on a International scale would be almost impossible. I m still interested in various policies surrounding this objective, but do not feel that this is the emphasis of my practice going forward, and feel my focus has shifted now towards making those interested in/active in the beauty/fashion industries of such different ideals, cultures and expectations opposed to trying to standardise them.

In addition, I also feel in regard to Objective 4 (noted below), that design work will now take a publishing based approach opposed to social media-led, due to research findings. Without both beauty/fashion cultures in the UK and in Japan being similar or comparative in regard to blogger culture, and social media use, and without an already existing large platform to work on that a digital campaign to highlight body image and self-perception issues, as suggested and experimented with in Semester 1 would not be viable. Instead, as noted above, I would like to produce a publication showcasing trends from both Western and Eastern cultures, particularly the UK and Japan, in order to highlight the differences between industries and how these themselves can impact upon self-perception and body image,

  1. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of Social Media and Magazines on self-perceptions and body image.

Therefore, the objectives which I will be working towards throughout Semester 2, can be found below:

Objectives and goals:

  1. To understand the ways in which Social Media and Magazines can affect self-perceptions and issues:

A) With body image (Females, 18-24)

B) With body image on a cross-cultural scale (Females, 18-24; Tokyo, Japan).


  1. To understand policies and guidelines within the Fashion and Beauty Industries currently encouraging positive body image.


  1.  To work with and interview those both actively working in the Fashion and Beauty Industries, and those on a consumer/follower/user basis, to compare behaviours and perspectives in relation to body image and self-perceptions.


  1. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of cross-cultural beauty/fashion trends on self-perceptions and body image.