VIDEO – 100 Years of Beauty: Japan

A video reflecting Japanese beauty trends and culture. This video shows progression within the Japanese beauty industry reinforcing the research collated prior to, and whilst on my research trip in Tokyo. Highlighted trends that I am particularly interested in are that of skin lightening culture and why the Japanese see this as their ‘ideal’ and that of Decura fashions, being reflected through historical, socio-cultural events, norms and conventions whilst noting┬áthe commercialisation of Western culture and evolving consumerism in recent years. Furthermore, this video also noted the Japanese proverb of, “the nail that sticks out, must be hammered back in”, which was brought to light by, and discussed with Nicole (beauty blogger) in Tokyo. This proverb emphasises the idea of standardisation and conforming to a pre-defined and prescribed ideal of Japanese women, whereby it is seen as ‘inappropriate’ to fall outside this box and not conform. From my research to date, it is evident that rules, conventions, socio-cultural expectations and pre-determined ideals shape the expectation of how women in Japan should look and try to prevent them from having their own identity – hence having a backlash of Decura fashion amongst the ‘Harajuku’ girls, as talked about in my first Professional Context presentation from Semester 1. This ‘look’ is seen at the end of the video!
Source – Last Accessed on 26th Jan 2017