Japanese Beauty Tutorial – National Magazines

Whilst looking online for recent Shiseido campaigns, I came across these makeup tutorials which have been taken from national magazines. I found them interesting in regards to the kitsch, cute and typically graphic aesthetic, whilst also be relative contextually to my current research, and furthermore the Lisa Eldridge tutorial discussed, whereby it was noted that many Japanese, use cosmetics to open out the eyes, make them look bigger. This is something which was also noted in Semester 1, whilst analysing YouTube mini-documentary interviews with young females in Tokyo regarding beauty standards and ideals in Japan, whilst also addressing what ‘traits’ they find attractive in foreigners (blog post can be found here¬†for reference). In addition, both of the spreads featured have an emphasis on step-by-step guides on how to recreate a certain look which is something I want to question whilst carrying out primary research in Japan, in order to understand why this is, as this is far removed from the tutorials and beauty campaigns seen in British magazines, for example.

I will be looking out for national magazines in Japan to look for further beauty/exercise regimes which can be compared to Vogue ‘Nippon’¬†magazines, whilst also having the opportunity to discuss such tutorials and techniques with Nicole Takahashi, a Japanese beauty blogger.

I also hope to gain further contextual understanding, and hope to seek more visual influences and aesthetic inspirations, which I hope to feed into my practical work during this semester, allowing for research to inform my practice, as seen in semester 1.


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