Semester 2: Research to-do

Before resuming research during Semester 2, I wanted to draw up a list of research-led actions which need to be taken to answer my research question, and meet my set objectives and goals going forwards.

  • London Research Trip – UK/Japan Comparisons (products, advertising, copywriting, models, etc), Interview with International Model and Meeting with CSM MA Fashion Communication Student/Art Director (Objective 3)
  • London Research Trip 2 – Meeting with ASOS (Objective 2, 3 and 5)
  • In-depth research on culture, makeup history and beauty in Japan in comparison to the UK
  • Japan Research Trip –¬†UK/Japan Comparisons (products, advertising, copywriting, models, etc), Meeting with Beauty Bloggers and an International Publisher to gain different perspectives on my research topic
  • Interview analysis from Semester 1 & 2 (Objective 3)
  • Questionnaire for Public completion (UK & Japan) (Objective 1A/1B)
  • Policy – viability post-research analysis/meetings/interviews
  • Alternate Perspectives
  • Journals, Articles, Books
  • Visual/practice-led research (Objective 4)