Further Research for Semester 2

The below in particular is working towards objectives, 1, 2 and 3.

I have been unable to cover all of the research which I had intended to cover throughout this semester. I do not feel that this has been down to poor time management however, I feel it has been more to do with the amount of contextual research and theoretical perspectives that I have needed to be aware of, along with a wealth of practical exploratory work. I do not feel at this stage I have enough time to finish these elements of research competently, and to the highest standard, and therefore feel it is best to wait to work on these until post-semester 1 hand in. I will begin to work on these post-hand in and going into semester 2, alongside itinerary planning for my field-research trip to Tokyo. Again with this, I have had to contact organisations to enable to secure meetings to work around in relation to itinerary. The below will help also with my research trip and in particular when speaking with Beauty Editors at Vogue Japan.

I have also noted people I would still like to contact prior to my research trip, and again will begin to work on this immediately after hand-in to ensure enough time is allowed for in regards to international communication and contingency plans regarding this.

  • Vogue December UK and Vogue Japan October article analysis in the aim of understanding how the articles, models, products and copywriting may influence perceptions of women in a certain way
  • Vogue Japan analysis on articles related to social media/fashion and beauty bloggers/associated culture
  • Content comparison – brands, designers, products, trends (the same monthly issue will be used to do this)
  • Amount of Japanese models featured on average per Vogue Japan issue, opposed to Western
  • Vogue Japan and UK Media Pack analysis
  • Male Perception issues in relation to my research topic (feedback from professional context presentation 2)
  • Japanese beauty and culture in comparison to western cultures and ideals
  • Japanese averages and ideas in comparison to UK (elaboration on previous analysis work featured on blog in relation to this)
  • Japanese bloggers whom may be available for an interview in Tokyo, or via a digital questionnaire
  • B-EAT and APPG in relation to policies and guidelines supporting positive body image in the noted industries, as well as how policies are created and passed, working towards objectives 3 and 5.
  • I would also like to go through my original bibliography included with my proposal, in order to visit texts not covered due to new topics and research arising.

In relation to the above, points noted with ‘Vogue’ will also be carried out on my field-research trip on comp shops, looking at what products are for sale in the UK and in Japan, i.e. skin lightening products – are these also available in the UK from the same brands as in Japan (often Western) or simply only from Japanese brands due to changes in culture? These are the sort of investigations I plan on carrying out to work towards answering my research topic and objectives.