London Trip Booked: 7th – 8th January 2017

This is working towards objective 1, 2, 3 and 5.

As noted in previous posts, I have been speaking with a well-known model, whom I cannot name for confidentiality reasons, regarding an interview, whilst also speaking with my connection at It’s Milk and Honey (a recent freelance project of mine) regarding an interview.

I have already noted that with my ‘model’ contact, I wish to discuss how working in industry, both fashion and beauty, affect ones self-perception. I am interested to see how this compares to those whom view such models in the media on a daily basis.

In regards to It’s Milk and Honey, I wish to speak with my contact regarding their work as an online group of female bloggers, how they feel they are targeting the issues of fashion, beauty, body image and self-perception, and how in turn they are empowering women.

Prior to carrying out this trip, I plan on sending out consent/confidentiality forms and a full introduction clarifying what questions will be asked to alleviate any problems prior to interview. I will also note that pseudonyms will be used if desired to protect their identities and confirm with the Ethics Policy provided by the College. This will ensure that the interviewee is aware of what the research is being carried out for, in which ways it will be used and what I aim to take from it.

I am currently waiting for ASOS to reply to my emails regarding visiting them also for an interview regarding their Model Welfare Policy. I hopefully plan on tying in an interview during this time in London if possible, and the above will also be applied to further interviews such as this, whether in person or online to ensure fair practice and ethical research practice.