Contemporary Artists: Anna Potter AKA Top Girl Studio

I came across the work of Anna Potter, AKA Top Girl Studio whilst looking at Designers whom use Instagram as a platform of self-promotion and as a gallery for their work.

I came cross Top Girl Studio, a Graphic Design graduate from Central St. Martins, whom targets celebrity culture through her work in a very satirical and graphic manner, which I found resonant in regards to my work and my current practice, in particular the concept behind the work and the visual aesthetics used.

For example, the first screen shot below showcases a project with a ‘user guide’ relating patterns to issues such as “poverty” which are then relative to the art work. I found this very similar to the idea I have been working with in regards to lipstick shades, each standing as a theory, for example I have been using a Red Lipstick shade for Self-Perception, Purple for Narcissism and Gold for Cultural Icon. Furthermore, in regards to the style of work used for Anna’s booklets/zines I also find the use of pink very prominent alike in my work, utilising the feminine aspects of the beauty and fashion industries as a key to draw in attention. In addition, the work shown on Top Girl’s website is all relevant to the Fashion industry, Music artists and Celebrity culture, drawing on similar topics also, i.e. social media careers and how competitive, yet, ‘not real’ this can be.

I’m really glad to of found a current practitioner whom is also female, of similar age, works in a similar way, with similar aesthetics and also works with similar ideas, theories and concepts.

Going forward I would like to find other similar designers, artists and photographers for example, and would like to contact Anna in the future to see if she would be keen for a collaboration of some sort which could benefit both of our current and future practices, whilst joining forces as a team whom work in the same way and share similar beliefs, I feel would only add to the relevance and currentness of my MA studies and research question alone, whilst benefiting myself via collaborating Nationally and sharing ideas.

I find this work really inspiring and more so, extremely relevant to my current research, practice and ideas.




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