Time Planning and Project Management

Initially at the start of the year, I had planned on using a GANTT chart to allocate my time and work around my project planning. However due to changes in my work circumstances to allow for more time for the full time MA course, this plan has changed slightly. I also found this hard to work by and follow as I found as my initial 2 projects developed this plan was disregarded as a formal structure.

I had since noted I had swapped to lists deciding autonomously the flow of the projects, whilst planning research based projects more stringently, and wanted to reiterate how I have been planning my time recently. I feel even though I have been writing weekly lists as shown below, and then daily lists allowing for a balance of practical, research and theoretical work to be carried out, I have gone over schedule on the initial projects and have now therefore had to reign this in and draw these projects to a close whilst moving forward.

I feel that by writing lists it has allowed me to be more relaxed in regards to what will be done across the week, where as the GANTT charts and weekly charts planned in association to this would of alleviated this problem and perhaps allowed me to feel more balanced in regards where experimental and developmental projects should begin and end to allow for all 4 to be explored equally and fully in the allotted time, in order to make informed decisions going forward into semester 2.

Therefore going forward, I have decided to use the GANTT chart as shown below as a reference on a more regular basis in order to plan my weekly and daily lists accordingly and more efficiently for the remainder of the semester.