NEW IDEA DEVELOPMENT: Badges & Badge Boxes

This is working towards objective 4.C.

Following the making of the postcard/postcard and print sets, I was thinking about further ideas which could be executed around the same idea of sharing. I came across the idea of badges, which really excited me thinking about the materials I could experiment with and the ways in which they could be packaged.

I drew some initial sketches which outline the idea shown below, whereby the badge would be contained in a box, to add value, protect the item and to also qualify as a gift in order to share with friends and spread the message regarding beauty and its influences upon self-perception and body image. I really find the idea of sharing this message through social groups relevant and key, both via social media or in-person. I also thought these badges would be a good addition to the ‘goody bags’. These could be contained in poly-bags with a mountain-fold closure as seen on the postcard/postcard and print packs.


Below shows further development of this idea, and how this could be taken forward into single badge boxes, duo sets and gift bags CADs and packaging nets have been drawn to demonstrate this.

They have not been drawn to scale, however have been drawn to test the nets, the stock and finish needed and the amount of weight which can be held in the box, allowing for myself to work out and experiment with the best form of inner in order to both kept the box in tact, but also securely hold the badges in place.

By continuing to develop this idea, I am hoping to experiment with colour, process, technique and a variety of materials. I feel this will be a really good, impromptu project to get stuck into surrounding my other projects in order to learn and develop hands-on processes as well as digital and binding skills for example. As this project was not planned originally, I am having to build this in around my weekly plans and schedules, so may be hard at times however, I am very keen to take this forward and fulfil it to the best of my ability. Furthermore, I feel this will be a good hands-on challenge opposed to working digitally as I do with most of my personal and professional practice being a graphic designer.

I am aware of all of the processes used and have at some point experimented with them all over the past 10 years whilst being in education, however would like to delve back into this to improve my skill set and enhance my knowledge. This will also give me a better understanding if I am ever to use these processes or techniques in industry, for example, or during collaboration with interdisciplinary practitioners.

Annotations have been noted on each page below to clarify and cover any process details or further information. I plan on evaluating and analysing these processes as I carry them out in order to work towards a final prototype which potentially may be taken forward for further development and project realisation in semester 2.