Zine Prototyping: Kylie Jenner – Content Plan

This is working towards objective 4.D.

Below shows my initial thoughts and initial content plan for my first prototyped zine, leading on from some of the Instagram Blogging Posts/Poster Prints I have been developing.

These Posts/Prints have been covering a range of topics in a satirical, lounge-in-chic and bold banner, hoping to engage with the audience and provoke thought. Themes covered include:

  • Consumerism
  • Trends
  • Celebrity Culture
  • Sociology and Psychology
  • Self-Perception
  • Brand Culture
  • Narcissism
  • The Self

I have decided to focus this initial zine prototype on Kylie Jenner for several reasons. My reasons for this decision are noted below:

  • Current influencer status
  • Personal issues with body image and self-perception, spurring her on to change her looks and then create a brand out of it, allowing for a trend to be found
  • Brand power due to celebrity status
  • Engagement and insights from my Instagram Posts show that the posts relative to Kylie Jenner’s, ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ were most seen, ‘liked’ and commented on, showcasing her current popularity within the social media communities
  • Kylie Jenner also has her own App and YouTube channel, allowing followers to watch her day-to-day life, ‘getting ready routines’, makeup secrets and live-stream videos for example, allowing a multitude of platforms for KJ to engage with and influence her following, whether in regards to looks or product-led consumer choices