Instagram Post: 14/10/16

This is working towards objective 4.A and 1.


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Caption: “New shades targeting the relationship between consumer and brand culture – how many do you own?”

This post highlights the impact of how a brand can affect a consumer without knowing when one releases a range of new ‘shades’ or products. Instagram, YouTube and brand culture has created an urge to own all of a brands product range in order to have a ‘full makeup kit’ and create beautiful ‘shade swatches’ for your photo streams and video clips. Furthermore, the more you own the more you appear to look like you follow the trends, which is what in turn social media marketing, ads and ‘competitor’ accounts want to you feel like.

How does this affect how we view brands? Do we feel the need to keep up to constantly look the best using the newest ‘on-trend’ shades? How does this in turn affect our self-perception and furthermore, our decision making processes as a consumer?