Professional Context: Professional Context and Full-Time Job

A personal aim of the MA course was to not only develop my knowledge and interests as set out in my initial proposal, but to also develop my professional practice as a graphic designer freelancing within the beauty and fashion industries, but to make myself more employable within the industry to gain full time employment once the course has been completed.

I attended an interview in May for a Lead Graphic Designer role at High Definition Beauty, and after completing two interviews and and an interview brief I was successful in getting the job. I am really happy to be working at a beauty company which fits in with my ethical and moral stances on the industry, which have been highlighted throughout the course of the MA – this company aims to make women the best they can naturally be, without feeling the need to promote unattainable ideals.

I spoke to my now manager, during interview about my MA studies and research, and how it is important that voices from the industry, as seen in my magazine, are not seen or heard often but are valuable to ensuring that different perspectives are taken into account, especially when working in the industry and are valuable in regard to working with good practice an ensuring that the companies I work for project an image and ethical stance which I agree with and feel comfortable working within.

Below notes a quote taken from my manager regarding my interview and employment.

“Danielle’s knowledge and experience through researching and creating this magazine for her MA certainly put her ahead in our recruitment process. Despite having limited actual work experience in the Beauty sector (as her experience lays more in realms of Fashion and E-Commerce) the dedicated research she carried out for her uni work made her a lot more knowledgeable about the industry – especially through social media and bloggers, than some that already work here. Reviewing Danielles magazine made me confident that Danielle was the right person for the job, something I am still confident of after a month working with her.”

– Anna Pickford, Head of Marketing at High Definition Beauty