Professional Context – ‘The Industry’ Magazine Showcased at Talia White Studios, Birmingham, UK

Talia White is a fashion and commerce photographer and freelance client, whom has collaborated with me on the first issue of The Industry, by providing photography for the Tam Dexter article, and has been in touch this past week regarding showcasing/exhibiting the first issue of the magazine at her new photography studio in Birmingham. I am delighted that she wants to showcase my magazine in her studio, which will be used for a range of fashion and beauty photoshoots.

This will allow for national exposure of my professional practice, and the first issue of the magazine a like, but it means that a copy of the magazine will be available for a range of models, art directors, photographers, makeup artists and stylists, to view and read whilst they are at the studio – exposing truths from the industry, to the industry. This will also possibly open up opportunities for freelance work in the future, with industry professionals viewing my work, whilst also again stimulating interest in potential future readers, and collaborators for issue 02.

Once the magazines are back from the printers, a copy will be posted out to Talia in order for her to showcase as soon as possible.

This is working toward objective:

4. To prototype a range of design work targeted at 18-24 year old women, highlighting impacts of cross-cultural beauty/fashion trendsĀ on self-perceptions and body image.