Professional Context – Email to Bay Brackner

Hi Bay;

I hope you are well and have had a good week!

I am an MA student at Leeds College of Art and a full time Graphic Designer working in the Fashion and Beauty Industries. I have been talking to my MA tutor, Janine Sykes, this morning whom I believe visited your exhibition recently in Saltaire and was talking to you about the ‘universal elite’ and Bauman! 

I just wanted to drop you an email as I absolutely love your work and I feel it completely resonates with the magazine I am producing for my FMP. I have focused on cross cultural studies of the Fashion and Beauty industries, primarily looking at how social media and magazines have influenced social-cultural ideals in both the UK/US and Japan. 

I visited vogue in Japan and spoke with their beauty director and found that if they can’t use western models they will use someone who is half Japanese and half western which I found really interesting and relative to your paintings.

I am putting all my findings together in a magazine covering academic readings and interviews with a range of practitioners, bloggers and brands from both the West and Japan and wondered if you would be interested in collaborating or showcasing my magazine as part of your travelling exhibition? I feel they are so relevant to each other it would be extremely complimentary to both of our practices.

The magazine is around 200 pages and will be printed mid July. I am more than happy to send you a copy if you are interested at all?

Please let me know and I look forward to speaking to you soon!

If you are ever in the area please do let me know as it would be lovely to speak with you and share our interests in what I feel is an extremely relevant and fascinating topic in a modern day society of digital and social media that contributes to a mixture of positive and negative outlooks on the industry. 

Many thanks!!
Danielle Muntyan 




Hi Danielle,

Brilliant to hear from you. Your research and work sound fascinating! 
Yes, happy for you to showcase The Industry Magazine as part of the next exhibition. Planning something quite soon in Leeds – I’ll let you know when we’ve a confirmed venue and dates.  When are you planning to launch your first issue?
Also – just about to start a new series of paintings on modern fashion icons. Fascinated by the creation and reinforcement of fashion icons via digital media… mythology via pinterest and instagram!  Who’s yours? And who do you see coming through from Japan and/or China?  
PS – yes please to a copy of The Industry Magazine!
x Bay
Further correspondance:
Hi Bay!
Hope you’re well and had a good weekend!
Sure I will let you know when it is printed! I am aiming to send it to print mid July! They normally take a week to turn around and be delivered so I will send you a copy. I can’t sell it unfortunately because some of the images aren’t allowed to be redistributed for commercial proposes so it’s firmly staying an MA project! I want people to see it through other ways though such as your exhibition so would be great to showcase it amongst your work! 

R.e. Japan I don’t know any specific names. Vogue were very vague in disclosing names when I was there and always looked more into blogger culture than their own models. It wasn’t until I was there that it was found celebrities and models were still leading the way unlike here in the U.K. and the US. 

Icon wise I don’t think you can beat Alexa Chung and even Aimee Song. I think they’re pretty similar but saying that, Aimee song is half Korean and has been in Vogue and walked loads of runway shows recently so perhaps she would be good for you to look at? She wrote a book called ‘Capture your style’ telling people how to curate their Instagram feeds to brand themselves and now she’s one of the most followed fashion icons. I’ve written an article about her in my magazine because she’s now so influential.
Sounds good re Leeds! Do let me know when you’re in the area.
And I will be in touch when I have a date set for the magazine to be returned so I can send you a copy. I haven’t thought yet about a launch event because I can’t sell it so not sure how to work around that!
Many thanks and speak soon!

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