Professional Context – TedXYouth 

After a recent crit session and speaking with a friend and freelance client (Milk and Honey) who took part in the TedxYouth for Croydon talks several years ago, I decided to contact Ted Talks to enquire about how one goes about doing a talk. I felt like with the work I am doing and the research I have carried out and will continue to do, it would be a great platform to promote myself in regard to professional context, but to also educate an audience on my findings, particularly around my FMP and semester 2 cross-cultural studies looking and beauty and fashion in relation to social media, magazine and self-perception in a modern-day age of bloggers, influencers and celebrities  giving us higher expectations of ourselves in regard to body image and ‘beauty looks’.

In addition, this would open up my professional practice to a national, or potentially international audience and wider demographic, gaining personal promotion whilst working for a bigger, more educational and rooted cause.

I am currently waiting to hear back from TedxYouth regarding my enquiry email.