CAD Development

This is working towards objective 4.C.

I wanted to include a short post regarding the process used for CAD development. I find this to be a good way of testing ideas quickly and effectively as I feel this process gives a highly visual, and at time very realistic outcome.

Initially, I would place the key component on an Adobe Illustrator art board, and scale this accordingly on the page in order to build a framework to build the rest of the elements around – i.e. ‘doors’ on the front of the packaging concealing the products. This ensures that the whole CAD design will be to scale in relation to the key product – the liquid lipsticks. At this stage they are all pink, however using the Poster/Postcard featuring ‘the whole collection’ of new shades, I would alter the product colours accordingly ensuring they are all different, and ensuring that the main theories and ideas which I am wanting to portray through this idea/design are used as relevant shades. Colours used can be seen in the Swatches box below.

From this, using the ‘doors’ to create the front of the box/packaging, a ‘drippy lip’ has also been included which would be die cut and this would be the element which secures the packaging when closed – this could be done through a die-cut arc, or through the use of velcro for example. This would depend on the weight of the final product in real life, however this has not been reflected on the CAD design. I have simply ensured that I am aware of how this would be mocked up/made in Industry, so if I am able to produce a version of my own through further development and sourcing of the correct containers (discussed on a previous post) for example, it would be a viable product to pitch and produce. If I could source the corresponding colour product in an unbranded container, I would be able to use clear vinyl to mockup these products, however this needs researching further and is time permitting.

Following this I then changed the colours of the packaging according to the developed identity and theme used throughout the other product range. The pink was introduced along with gradients to add depth and dimension to the add. These can be seen in the Swatches panel also shown below.

Finally the corresponding artwork was added, allowing the end-user/consumer to know which shade is which (in this case theory or idea surrounding the concept of the project), along with the title, “What’s my name again?” and relevant product copy.




lip-set-01 screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-02-03-36 lip-set-02